Week 11 Part A: Using Twitter, LinkedIn or Social Influencers

There are many different social media platforms nowadays that can help your business grow and succeed. Each platform comes with different benefits, whether it be Twitter, LinkedIn, or Social Influencers you will find that social media can make or break your business. It is important to find the platform that is most beneficial for you and your business. Not all social media platforms work for every business and that is okay.   When it comes to Twitter, I have only ever used it for personal use. I have had my Twitter account since 2013, so about 8 years now. It never crossed my mind how much of an impact Twitter could make for a business. After further research, I learned that by tweeting consistently about relevant topics, you can really get to know your customers and create a stronger relationship with them. Twitter is a great way to get tips, ideas, and information from your customers easily. It can give your customers a platform to voice concerns or appreciation and can ultimately o

Week 10 Part B:

 I commented on the following classmate's blogs; Sydney Gardner Teresita Truesdale Haruka Yamaguchi

Week 10 Part A: Researching Email Marketing

I think that newsletters from my business should be sent monthly. That way customers are receiving newsletters enough to still be in the loop, but not frequently enough to become a nuisance to them. Each month there will be a newsletter that is sent out that contains information about upcoming events, new beer releases, and a “get to know us” section. Upcoming events will be useful to customers because they will be able to see what events we are going to be holding for the whole month. Customers will be able to plan their schedules accordingly to make sure not to miss any special events. New beer releases will make it easy for customers to get their hands on all the latest beers. This will prevent customers from missing out on a chance to try a beer they have been waiting for. Our “get to know us” section will contain a different Alibi Brewing Company employee per month and tell our customers a little bit about themselves. This will help us create a bond with our customers and make the

Week 9 Part B: Using Categories

The types of categories I would use on my blog would consist of different beer styles, taste testing, and upcoming beer releases. I think that these categories would help me best in catching the attention of my audience. These categories would help my business grow by informing my target audience of the many different styles of beer while also informing them on educational taste testing. The category that I think would be the most beneficial to my business would be upcoming beer releases. This will ultimately bring in the most business by informing my consumers when a new beer will be released and how they can get their hands on it. The following screenshots are of my Instagram/Facebook posts for this week. I commented on the following members of my group's blog posts: Sydney Gardner Clare Dovenbarger Caleb Sanchez

Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, and Webinars

Adding a personal touch to a blog for a business is a great way to increase human connection with your customers. When it comes to a blog being personal, there has to be some personality involved in the posts to create a connection with the reader. Especially, if the person writing the blog is the face of the brand. The person writing the blog, for themselves or for another company, must take into consideration the amount of personal interest they wish to involve in the post. Although it may work for some businesses, it isn't the right call for every business out there. Some businesses don't have distinct personalities within the business to maintain a uniform front, so it wouldn't make sense to share personal details and stories. For my business, I believe that adding a personal touch would help positively with my target audience. Beer brings people together, whether it makes you happier, friendlier, or less inhibited. Beer plays a key role in social bonding. With everythi

Week 8 Part B: Your Instagram Hashtag Use

The primary hashtags that I used on my posts were #craftbeer, #sdbeer, and #brewery. I also used other hashtags that were specific to the individual post such as #drinklocal, #thirstythursday, and #sundayfunday. I found the primary hashtags that I used by researching local craft breweries and seeing which posts attracted the most followers. I used hashtags that were specific to my business but also used generic hashtags to attract followers that were outside of my target audience. I added my first post on Tuesday, 3/23 around 5 pm. My second post was on Thursday, 3/25 close to 9 pm. My third and last post was on Sunday, 3/27 at 10 am. It seemed like Sunday was the most effective day to post. It could be that it is the weekend and more people are engaged in their social media or it could just be the time of day. My post on Thursday received the least amount of attention out of the three. I think the time of day was too late to try and attract followers. I learned that hashtags play a ke

Week 8 Part A: How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags

From researching the Instagram pages of local, national, small, and large breweries I have come to the conclusion that visual media most definitely works for my type of business. This digital marketing style is perfect for craft brewing as beer is all about community, coming together over a pint, and enjoying a cold beer on a beautiful day. Visual media is the ideal way of telling people about your brand identity, promoting the beer you are currently drinking or showing off your taproom. I chose the following businesses that are in the same field of business as mine: Societe Brewing Company: Instagram seems to be working effectively for Societe. They don't typically use hashtags, which is a little surprising considering they are a local brewery and not nationwide. Although they are a local brewery they still have a big fan base, currently sitting at 54.2K followers. They post at least once a day on their page and multiple times a day on their story. Usually, their posts are beer-re